International Education Aspiration

We aim to showcase innovation in the educational systems of the developing world, through on-the -ground school and organization visits, background scholarly research, commentary and critique on the newest educational development literature, and the creation of a new holistic platform for innovation. The ultimate goal is the sharing of ideas, challenges, and stories, to improve dialogue, and ultimately, the quality of education for globally disadvantaged students, parents, and teachers. 

Our Projects

We are a research organization currently analyzing trends and innovations in educational development worldwide. We have visited classrooms throughout Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, trained teachers, held training workshops, conducted NGO consultations, networked with local and international education NGO's, and coordinated small educational pilot projects, with the ultimate aim of improving  educational access and outcomes for the world's students. 


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Community based non-formal education; lebanon 2016

Community based non-formal education; lebanon 2016