"Whose Reality Counts?"

An excellent, provocative posting/interview with Mary Ann Mhina on the "[How Matters][1]" page [1]: http://www.how-matters.org/ regarding the essential tenants of power and relations in the developmental paradigm. Mhina, frustrated with the realities of donor-driven initiatives, has been focusing on "...partnerships that place community-driven development initiatives at the center."

Thus, we must continue to ask, "Whose Reality Counts?" Who is driving the projects consuming so much financial and human resources? "Whose priorities outrank others? Who defines what constitutes as 'success,'" she asks. Essentially, Mhina focuses on what is so often missing in the developmental lexicon: a focus on humility, on acknowledging failure and seeking information from sustainably created partnerships that do not act as mere power conduits, but are genuinally synergetic with people-centered development.

In the specific realm of educational development projects, we must continually ask these vital questions to focus efforts down to the only level that truly matters: the individual, the marginalized child, the under-supported teacher, the community members lacking voice.